Hi, I'm Heather and this is my horse Janey...

At Freedom Farm Equine Connection we will help you navigate the difficulties of life.  You can explore and express your true authentic self with any of our equine partners.

Self-Discovery Through Recovery

As someone who previously struggled with chemical dependency in the first half of my life, I know what it's like to wake up one day and have no idea what I wanted to do career wise, or who I really was on the inside. We offer exploration and self discovery to naturally draw out talents, gifts, and strengths.

Partnering with Horses

Horses live in the present moment. This is an amazing gift which they wish to share with us.  Come experience "what they the know in the now". Who "nose" what you'll discover. Our horses are waiting for  you.

Freedom Farm Equine Connection

Promotional endorsement from program director, Melisa Pearce, of Touched by a Horse.


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